Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Bliss

Rush is 6 months old! I love it!
I love this age. Honestly I love newborn till they get to be about year old. Or at least that is what it was like with Keilei. After she could walk she never sat still. But I am blessed with REALLY nice tempered babies. I LOVE the baby stage.
Right now this is what I love...

  • Starting to jabber a lot and be more vocal.
  • He is maneuvering great.
  • He can roll over like crazy and never stays in one spot long.
  • He can rotate in a circle while staying in one spot.(by pulling himself with his arms)
  • He takes naps around the same time Keilei does
  • His gaze follows Keilei where ever she goes
  • His coordination is getting so good
  • When hungry or tired he cuddles:)
  • Starting to sit up by himself
  • He is starting to mimic thinks
  • Says Dadadadadada(go figure, of course he is going to say Dadda first)
He has always been these...
  • He loves to laugh
  • He is so ticklish
  • He sleeps great
  • He is so content

Not as great:

  • He cries if I leave the room or if he is left in a room by himself
  • I am going to have to start feeding him real food soon
  • Carrying around a 20 lbs baby + car seat
  • He won't eat if there is any distraction..TV on, Keilei in the room, me on the phone, people talking, if I try to read...
  • Doesn't hold still while I change his clothes or diaper
  • Poo comes out of the back of his diaper and up his back...I am sick of scrubbing out his clothes, it happens at least once a day
  • Crawling it coming up. (Keilei started crawling a couple days before she turned 7 months, I wouldn't be surprised if Rush is the same)

He is growing up so fast:( I love having a baby! It makes me want another one. It makes me wonder if I can wait the few years we where planning on, before we have another one!?