Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sick Baby = Long Night

Saturday night Keilei woke Sean up cause she was crying. He went to check on her and then came and woke me up. I was dead to the world, I was so tired and my head hurt. Keilei had thrown up all over. So WE changed her and her bedding and put her back to bed. That happened 3 times! Poor girl:( We where out of bedding and rags. Sean made a bed on the living room floor and he and Keilei spent the rest of the night there. She throw up 2 more time but got most of it in a bowl. ( Her side of the bed was towels just in case) It was a long night for all 3 of us.
Sean was AMAZING! He would clean up all the throw up while I took care of Keilei. I am so glad he is so sweet. I am so grateful that he was home. I would have lost it and been bawling of fatigue by the second time. There just isn't words for how grateful I am that he was so sweet and helpful and there.
We went to my Mom's to watch conference. Keilei throw up at least 3 more time. She couldn't even keep water down. She was so sick she just laid still all day long. She kept cuddling up on Sean and falling asleep for hours. I was a little jealous, I would have loved to hold her but I had to feed the baby. She slept and cuddled ALL day long. We felt so bad for her. She has never been this sick before.
We figure she had t have gotten it from one of the kids at the mission reunion or at the Chick-fil-a playground.

This is two of the 4 loads of laundry I ended up doing

Out of bedding... the bed Sean and Keilei spent the night on

At my Mom's to watch conference. She watched a show and then slept forever. She never falls asleep anywhere but her bed!

Keilei and Daddy taking a nap together. They did this a few times. She was pretty much attacked to Sean for a couple days.

It was so tender.