Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saturday-before Easter

Saturday April 3 2010 I went to dress Keilei and left Rush laying on the checkered blanket, under the other blanket, and when I came back in the room this is where I found him. I still can't believe how much he is getting around.

We to the city egg hunt, which they moved inside a building. There was a huge line to get in and we saw some kids coming out with eggs. Some with a bunch and some with a couple. I thought they where letting a certain number of kids hunt at a time. When we got in the building it was utter madness. No one knew what was going on and it was packed like sardines. We finally found out that they had run out of eggs and candy right after they opened. There where a ton of kids that went home disappointed. Luckily Keilei is to small to realize what she missed out on. But she did get to talk to some firefighters and take a picture with Daddy's "firefighter work" truck. She was happy with just that and being with her Dad.

That night Sean went to watch the Priesthood session of conference. When he came home Keilei took him by the hand made him sit with her and told him Daddy watch show with me.

It was really cute