Monday, April 12, 2010


Reading Desi's story 1- Made me cry 2- Made me reminisce first about the day I found out she had breast cancer, second about good times together

97-98?Long time ago at KrisAnn's house
Jana, Missy, Emily, Desi, KrisAnn, Karren, Shawn, & Cami

98?-Young Women stake camp @ willow flats Desi & Missy
99?-Playing pool in Bear Lake at a condo we stayed the night atDesi & Allison

My first concert Stroke 9 at weber collage, I think. It was free and we obviously met them all and we got a bunch of signed stuff. The most popular song was Little Black Backpack
Karren, Missy, Allison, Sara, Desi, KrisAnn & Me

Moab- Jeep Safari 2000 we made friends with the cops and some random guys too

Up at Left hand in Blacksmith fork Canyon, Allison, Desi, Missy, Sara, KrisAnn, & Jana
left:Desi & Missy in the Hussie pad(Allison, KrisAnn, & my apartment nicknamed the hussie pad)

2001 Hiking in Yellowstone. We went to this waterfall and the hike was more of a walk so we climbed up the side of the waterfall and up and over the moutain, off trail, the second picture is after we had come down the mountain and reconnected with the trail.

Missy, Desi, Jana in our(Missy & I) dorm room at Old Faithful Desi was visiting us
sign I wrote but Desi came up with to help keep us good hung in our dorm room so guys would know straight up how we were

Jana, Missy, & Desi- Yellowstone lake watching the sun was one of the most romantic nights of my life, to bad we weren't with any boys:)

Sexy Desi!


top:Jana, Desi, Choles, Missy, Carolyn, Trent-hanging out
bottom: Carolyn, ?, Desi, Missy, KrisAnn, Allison, Jana-Full moon night- I think

2002-Desi's bridal shower

Desi's wedding

2005-My wedding

2009 Sara & Desi Birthday dinner

2010 Desi & I

Most recent picture. Missy's Birthday dinner, in March.
Jana w/Rush, Missy, Desi, Sara, Allison, & KrisAnn