Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mission Reunion

Friday was OUR, meaning Sean & Myself, mission reunion. My Mom was going to watch Keilei but the day before she had to have some unexpected work done on her eye because her retina detached. So she couldn't watch her. We decided to take both kids and make a day of it. We left in the afternoon and went down to Ogden. We went to Target, Babies r Us and to chick-fil-a. Keilei got to play in their play place. Then we went to the reunion. It was really fun to see people from the mission. There where a bunch of little kids there for Keilei to play with. Although she was the must destructive and all over the place. She had fun. I didn't get to visit with people as much as I wanted to since I was chasing her around.

This was right before we left to go to Ogden. Keilei got a blanket and wrapped it around Rush. When I asked her what she was doing she said, "Baby's Frozen" She tucked it in around him. It was so adorable.

I love the one on the right with him looking up at her, probably wonder what the heck she is doing.
When I put him on the floor she did the same thing:)

This is President and Sister Andersen
They are the most amazing and sweet people. Pres. was just made a Patriarch recently and he is also a sealer in the Ogden Temple.

President greeting Elder Baxter and family

Sister Emily Ream now Kawa(holding the baby-which belongs to the wife of Elder Spees sitting next to her) was my MTC companion. Sister Lizzie Robert was my companion in Vancouver for 3 weeks. She is recently married to Adam, next to her, although I don't remember their last name:(

Keilei was watching a show on the way home. She had Woody sitting in her lap and she was whispering in his ear. It was so cute I just didn't get my camera in time