Sunday, April 11, 2010

Keilei's Egg Hunt

Keilei had the flu over Easter weekend so she had to stay home with Dad and missed out on the family Easter egg hunt. So on Tuesday I took her to my parents house so she could have her own little egg hunt. We had to do it inside because there was 4-6 inches of new snow on the ground outside:(
This is her waiting while I "hide" the eggs

She did such a good job all by herself

Showing off the pretty egg

checking out her stash. Notice the candy on the couch...there was a couple things of candy not in an egg and Keilei would either not touch them or pick them up realize they weren't an egg and then throw it back down and more on the eggs to go in her basket.

This egg has MONEY!!

She is so cute!
Taking a bite of a chocolate bunny...she only took one bite(she doesn't like chocolate)
Sitting patiently waiting for me to open her treat bag from Grandma

Showing Grandma...with Jackson never far away, when there is food around. Especially Keilei with food:)
The egg hunt was courtesy of my parents. Sean & I got a couple things to but in her basket too...
She loves crumb doughnut-right now,
She loves trying to tie her shoes
Squeaky chicken(for 25cents)-Sean & Keilei love them,
Suckers-she LOVES them
Peach-o's cause who doesn't love those
She loved the chips. She took everything out one by one. Then she put EVERYTHING back in the basket, one by one. It was funny

Out of the blue Keilei walked up to my younger brother Todd and gave him loves, he had the flu and was laying there watching her. Then she sat with him and showed him her candy. It was so sweet.
We were sad Sean was at work and missed it, he missed last year too.