Tuesday, April 6, 2010

FHE Easter Egg Hunt

We always do our egg hunt on Monday after Easter.
1 -because the candy is half off and we have a huge family so it is kind of a necessity.
2 - then you can separate the spiritual Easter from the commercial.
3 - It makes a great FHE.
I don't know if those are the reasons my Mom always did it that way but it is why I am going to do it that way.
Monday morning I woke up and went to the store with my Mom and Kayla to get a crap load of cheap candy. Then went to her house and helped her get the eggs filled and baskets made and to hide all the eggs.
I invited some of my friends and there kids because we thought Keilei was going to be the only one hunting for eggs. But Dani and her kids came, Keenan, Desi w/ her kids, Cassie w/ her kids all came. The last two are my friends that came. Keilei had to stay at home because she was still sick and still had a fever.

Josie, Max helping Mickey

Mickey McGee

Max, Keenan, & Josie showing Grandma, Dani, & Jeff there spoils

Mickey, Desi & baby Will McGee. Kayla with Rush

Cassie(Munk), Baby, Connor(on slide)Milligan Mickey's legs under tramp. Jessie & Camila

Miguel, Dani, Paulo, & Alex getting the food ready

All of the little kids playing (Keilei would be so sad if she knew what she missed, she loves playing with Connor & Mickey)

We ate after and visited for a little while. Then I went home to relieve Sean so he could go on a run. When I got home Sean & Keilei where asleep together in the recliner. It was cute. When Keilei woke up she came and cuddled on my lap and throw up again:( Poor baby. I moved her so she got most on the floor and my shoe. But there was a little spot on my shirt. I was holding her comforting her and she noticed the spot on my shirt. She pointed to it and said "Big Burp" (which is what she called it when she threw up) with a sad look on her face. I told her it was ok. And she looked up at me and said, "I'm Sorry" Sean and I both looked at each other, he was there cleaning up, and said "AWE...Honey it's ok." She apologized again. It was the cutest thing but we both felt so bad for her. Here she is SO sick and she is apologizing because she threw up on me.


The Coons Family said...

So CUTE... I love little Keilei and the adorable things she says. I Love having "the more the merrier", looks like a ton of fun. Poor Keilei though, but so stinkin' cute!