Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby Farm Animal Days

You know the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words"!? Well mine are just everyday pictures so they aren't worth a thousand words. But I don't like to write and I love taking pictures. So I figure that my pics have got to be worth a few words which would save me some writing. Hence on my blog you will see lots of everyday pictures and pretty much just captions to go with them.Today is one of those days! Not so many words but LOTS of pictures:)
Thursday April 8, 2010
Going to The American West Heritage Center to see the baby animals.
(side note: it is amazing how good a kid will be, or how helpful, when you tell them that if they do something- like put their shoes on or eat etc- then they can go see baby animals:)

Sporting her new glasses

Looking at the sheep & baby lamb

So cute
Gotta love the goats

Sean wants a little pigme goat when we get our place built...he's weird

She wasn't too sure about the pigs at first,

But she warmed up to them. pic on right is her trying to see it's face, it wasn't cooperating
My Beautiful baby Rush...always content!

Rush & I, Keilei & Sean
An old oven of some kind
left: I thought she was cute
right:checking out the outhouse. It was funny hearing some of the older kids ask what that was. My Grandma had one at her house and I remember using it when I was a little kid, yes it was still being used.
Getting some yummy snickerdoodles from the old summer kitchen

They really cooked the cookies in the old wood burning stove. My grandma also had one of these. Which I had seen her use, although it mostly just stored her pots and pans. I would have loved to keep that when my grandparents passed...wonder what ever happened to it!?

Touring the old house
Which was VERY similar to my grandparents house, and even my parents house!
Keilei loved the chickens

We could hardly drag her away form them, literally.

Holding a baby chicken

These thing where HUGE. It's head is literally the size of Keilei
We found out it is a Belgian Mule...I think that is what it was.
left:See how big it is compared to a normal horse. I love that picture by the way it looks like a real seen from an old ranch.
right:checking out the old stuff
Watching the baby bears...So cute, I just wanted to hold one.
My cute cub. Eating with guys from the fire department and their families, that is who we went there with.
We had a good time I am glad we got to spend some time together as a family.
BTW Keilei was all over the place, by far the most active busy kid out of the group. She wore me out in a big hurry. But if I left Sean in charge of keeping track of her she would be lost or kidnapped in a matter of minutes. So I got to run after her most the time and Sean pushed the stroller. The more I am around other people and their kids the more I realize how incredible busy Keilei is. She does not sit still for a minute! And Sean wonders why I don't take the kidS more places.