Thursday, April 29, 2010

House Building


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Lots of random pictures of my cute kids


Rush & Keilei 4/19/10

4/23/10 first time playing with play dough. We made beans, peas, broccoli, cookies, snakes & worms(which she made and thought up all by herself)

4/23/10 Taking Rush's socks off so she could take the lint out from between his toes. Rush loved it cause he has really ticklish feet

4/7/10 Chasing bubbles...on one of the first nice days outside

4/23/10 Keilei was being quiet and when we came to check on her this is what we found

4/22/10 The new beach bag I got. We where at the store and the bag was so big I told Keilei to get in, to see if she would fit, and she fit with room to spare. Then I swung her around in it a little. She loved it and now she thinks it is a toy. She is in the bag in the first picture too, "hiding" Then she will ask me to "swing, swing"

Just cute pictures of Rush he is so smiley

left:It is finally spring and everything is turning green. The land lord even cut the grass for the first time today, it was getting bad.-4/27/10



4/12/10 She played on this box till it ripped apart. Keilei using the box as a bed and blanket. left:she is pretending to be asleep

4/7/10 I found her like this. Reading the newspaper

4/11/10 I french braided my hair all the way around, I thought it turned out pretty cute!?!

Rush's First Temperature

He was a happy boy in the morning

Rush got his first fever yesterday. He was a little warm mid afternoon. When we got home from running errands he had a temperature of 100.9. Which isn't too bad but he was obviously in pain somewhere because he was not happy around bed time. I was up with him all through the night, while Sean was out cold, he keep waking up bawling. He never really does that. And after I would feed him he would still just squirm and cry. Poor little man. He seems to be doing just fine today thank goodness.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Family Time

Monday April 26, 2010 We all went up Logan canyon to eat lunch and "play with bug, water, ducks, fishes, mountains, eat in mountains" as Keilei puts it. It was fun to be able to spend some time as a family since Sean has been so busy working lately.

Rush smiling at Sean

Keilei playing with the water & bugs

Sean trying to get Keilei to eat some food while she plays...Rush is in the stroller in the background

Rush blowing spit bubbles

Keilei just laid on this rock forever.

Following daddy around

A duck that was in the grass where we were. He was missing an eye and missing a lot of feather and was all messed up, poor thing, we felt so bad for it.
Keilei excited cause Sean's pager went off.

left: I just thought she look cute
right: going on a walk