Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Keilei was stalling going to bed the other night. She ran into the living room and laid on the recliner and started fake snoring. Sean picked her up so she was sitting upright in his arms she continued to pretend to be asleep. So we laid her head on Sean's shoulder and they started walking to Keilei's room. I was walking behind them, Keilei fake sleeping and snoring the whole time. Then she opened her eyes to a squint and said with a smile, "I'm Happy" and then went back to her pretending. It was SO tender, it warmed our hearts. It surprises me pretty regularly how fast she is picking up on thing now.
Like today I gave her a bite of my burrito and a minute later asked if she wanted more she said yes but then opened her mouth a little, pointed to her mouth and said finish this first. It's just surprising when she does something new like that even though it is small.