Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rush's Chubby Pictures

Sean said that I couldn't take Rush to get his pictures taken till he was 3 months old because he didn't want him to get sick. So I decided to just take him when he is 6 months old. But he is SO chubby I wanted to document it so I took some pictures of him.

Sorry there are so many but I am indecisive. They where suppose to be small but it on the wrong setting.

He is so hungry he is eating his fist

The only one of him smiling


Nichole Lowe said...

I love the one of him smiling. He is so adorable and oh my gosh those rolls.

The Coons Family said...

Great pictures... ever thought of becoming a photographer? You take the most amazing pics!

Missy said...

These are very cute! He is a chunker but you can tell he's very happy and well fed so good job momma:)
So you have a little flushing fairy on your hands? That's a great start!