Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Kids

If Keilei is being quite or we can't find her it is because she loves to hide in my closet and close the door. Then when you do find her you have to play pic-a-boo with her.

Isn't he so chubby and adorable!?! My little fat man getting ready yo go to church. I made that tie by the way. It was a pain. That onsie is a 12 month one!!

My kiddos. It doesn't show it well in this picture but Keilei was holding his hand and it was so tender.

My future firefighter. My MIL got him this jacket and I am in love with it. I think it is so cute!

Lately Keilei will point to our hat rack say hat and want to try one on. But not just anyone she always wants Sean's Logan firefighter hat. She is so cute, she says "daddy's work..firefighter."

I french braided Keilei's hair for the fist time a couple days ago. I did it in hopes that she would sleep with them in and then I could take them out in the morning and her hair would be wavy. But then she woke up soon after she went to bed and said she was cold. I think since her hair was still wet and wasn't drying cause they where in braids that it was making her cold. I felt bad took them out and and she went right back to bed, after cuddling with me wrapped in a blanket and singing a few songs, didn't wake up again.

Rush sometime squirms and then gets stuck in this postion. He is getting stronger and is starting to get out of it himself now

He is such a happy baby! Check out his double chin!

I love his face and eyes in this one