Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Crafts

Ties for Rush(the things that go around the neck are interchangeable and you can change the ties to be longer)

Cute firefighter shirt for Rush

Invitations to Young Women's New Beginnings

Cute shirt for Keilei

I had to put these up cause she was so cute
She see's a plane gets all excited and waves bye bye to it

Magnet board I made for my Mom- I bought the frame for $4 at the DI, I made the family proc. frame 2 yrs ago for Christmas for my Mom she cried when she opened it.

I didn't make these. The place that did them finally finished Rush's plaque, 2 months later, so I wanted to post the finished products


Missy said...

i LOVE the ties! If this next baby is a boy I am going to be asking for instructions on how to make those!

Cheri said...

Wow! You've been busy. Thanks for sharing your link. The firetruck/bleach pen shirt is so cute and so are your kids. LOVE the name Rush. Thanks again for sharing and good work!