Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keilei's First Prayer

Keilei said her first prayer all by herself, I think it was on Mon. March 22, and it was SO cute. She was saying a prayer with Sean and I just happened to overhear. It went something like this...
Heavenly with Amen!
At least those where the words I understood:) It was pretty much a checklist of what we had done that day. Pop is my Dad, her grandpa. She calls him Pop, cause it is easier to say, and I think my dad might think it is a little weird because us kids call him Pop none of the other grand kids call him that. But anyway it was his birthday and we had gone over and sang him happy birthday, given him his card, and had cake.
Her prayer was so adorable. I can't wait till she does it again. It makes me so happy!


The Coons Family said...

SOOO Cute...can't wait for Mak to talk!