Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Pops

Old Man

My Dad's birthday was March 22!
When I asked how old he was and then told him that he really is an old man now he told me a story. He said he was helping my brother Mike do some work in his basement last year and was really sore afterward. He told my brother that "This getting old stuff is the pits" My brother replied,"Dad your not GETTING old, you ARE old, I'm GETTING old!" (Mike will be 45 this year)
I love my Dad! More than I can express. If you were to ask me who in my life I look up to the most it would be my Dad.

A very common sight :)

Dad holding Rush when he came home from the hospital and on Christmas day

My Dad at our wedding, once again I can't express how happy I was that he was there! (he had gotten out of the hospital not long before)