Thursday, March 18, 2010

Funny Keilei

This is Keilei's grumpy/pouty face
(notice how she is sitting on the'll know why later)

I was driving with the kids in the car and Rush was gooing and gawing up a storm. Then I heard Keilei in the back say "Settle down baby brother," in a very firm scolding voice. I told her it is ok, he is just talking. She rep remanded me saying "No, Settle down baby brother". I couldn't help but laugh.

The other day Sean, I, and the kids where driving somewhere and we where talking and Keilei said something from the back seat. I looked at Sean with a quizzical look and asked him, "Did Keilei just say what I think she said?" He replied he thought so.
She had just told us to "Shut Up"!
Sean asked me where she had learned that? Because we only extremely rarely say that. I told him that I think she learned it from Brother Bear, the mountain goats yell at their echos to shut up over and over again, she had been watching that lately.
When I told my Mom about it she said she could have learned from her too. I guess she yell at the dog to shut up when he is barking and stuff.

I was having a kissing war with Keilei the other day, kissing her all over her face. Between her laughs she said "Stop Mama!" I know it doesn't sound too impressive but it sounded so cute and she had never said anything like that before.

Lately Keilei has been obsessed with sitting on our front porch step and my Mom's steps. Every time we go outside she says "sit" and goes and sits on the porch and then says "Sit, sit" and pats the step next to her for us to sit with her.

I found Keilei hiding in my closet, which isn't rare, but when I found her she started looking for something and I couldn't understand her. Then I saw her little piglet figure in one of my shoes and realized she was saying "Wheres Piglet?", over and over.

I think it is so funny how I am entertained by the littlest things. But they kids are SO cute when they learn new things.