Monday, March 29, 2010

Family/Spring Time

Saturday was a beautiful day. Sean took Keilei on a 8 mile run, pushing her in the jogger. Then when they got home she wanted to go outside again so we all went out and Keilei wanted to pull her baby around in the wagon. She had so much fun. Then when we tried to bring her in she threw a fit. She wanted to stay outside. So we put the kids in the jogger and walked to Grandma's house stayed for awhile and came back. Keilei after spending the whole day outside still did not want to come inside, but bedtime was calling her name, poor thing.

Walking with Keilei

Isn't she So cute

She was SOOO happy to be outside

She would get arm fulls of pine cones and bring them to us
p.s.Sean dressed her:)

all bundled up to walk to Grandma's(with the wind it was still chilly)

I took this picture on the way home waiting for the light to change so we could cross the street. I can't decide what coloring I like best?!