Friday, March 19, 2010

Bullying !?!

Is it possible to be a bully at 2 years old?
Last week in church I was told that Keilei has a little bit of a bullying problem, and isn't sharing? And was asked if I could work with her on it. This came from one of the nursery leaders not a parent.
I asked for suggestions on facebook and everyone that replied seemed put out about it. I didn't really mind them(nursery leader) tell/saying that I am just at a loss for ideas of how to work with her on sharing? She doesn't have anyone to share with at home, not till Rush gets older anyway. And all of the kids she plays with are older then her so she is the one that is trying to keep up with them. But in nursery she is now one of the oldest. So the only thing I could come up with is to sit with her in nursery for a couple weeks, when I'm not teaching that is.
I guess we will see how it goes.


Missy said...

My girls aren't the best at sharing either, and you'd think they'd be good at it.
There was a little girl in nursery that kept stealing Brenna's food and toys and they told her mom who told me about it. I think it's just something with being 2 and getting use to being around other kids and sharing. My girls have their moments too.
I think sitting in with her is a good idea.

Kim said...

You know what? I don't think Keilei is any different than any other 2 year old. Consider the source. She told Evan the same thing about Karis.
I think that there is bullying that goes on, but that is not what I would call it. It is these little people trying to figure out how they fit in and what the pecking order is. If she is still doing it in YW, then yes, it's bullying ;)