Sunday, March 14, 2010

4 Months

4 Months
Weight 19.06 lbs 98%
Length 26.5 in 94%
Head 17.8 in 99%

3 Months
18.2 lbs !!!

2 Months
Weight 15.81 lbs over 100% he is off the charts!!!
Length 24 in 86%
Head 16.7 in 96%

1 Mont
Weight 12.5 lbs 97%

2 Week
Weight 10.01 lbs 84%
Length 21.5 in 78%
Head 15.2 in 83%

1 week

Weight 8.69 lbs 70%


Weight 9.0 lbs
Length 20 1/2 in
(the day we brought him home 11/11/09)

Other cute pictures of how small my baby was, even if it was only for a week old. He wasn't even 1 week old in these pictures and he is already bigger then the average 1 month old. It's hard to remember he was ever that size or had that much hair!?!

11/12/09, 11/13/09



Jake, Holly, McKenzie, Brady and the dog Molly said...

I am SO amazed at what a BIG boy you have! he is so freaking adorable rolly polly! I love it! I know what you mean though by wanting him to be little baby that he is! it's like he's growing at warp speed! he looks like seans brother Brandon!! :) in a good way!

Jake told me to ask you and Sean if any Fire depts are hiring in Utah. Jake loves mesa, but we're worried with the economy they may do cuts in would you have Sean call jake!? :) 480-862-4293 thanks!