Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Family Wordles

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Wordle: l3

P.S. Yes I was bored and lazy

Rush Wordle

Wordle: Rush

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Wordle: rush

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Monday, March 29, 2010

My Cute Baby

I thought he looked so stinkin' cute and happy I had to take some pictures
I LOVE my smiley happy boy. He is so chubby and kissable. I love his eyes and eyelashes!

Family/Spring Time

Saturday was a beautiful day. Sean took Keilei on a 8 mile run, pushing her in the jogger. Then when they got home she wanted to go outside again so we all went out and Keilei wanted to pull her baby around in the wagon. She had so much fun. Then when we tried to bring her in she threw a fit. She wanted to stay outside. So we put the kids in the jogger and walked to Grandma's house stayed for awhile and came back. Keilei after spending the whole day outside still did not want to come inside, but bedtime was calling her name, poor thing.

Walking with Keilei

Isn't she So cute

She was SOOO happy to be outside

She would get arm fulls of pine cones and bring them to us
p.s.Sean dressed her:)

all bundled up to walk to Grandma's(with the wind it was still chilly)

I took this picture on the way home waiting for the light to change so we could cross the street. I can't decide what coloring I like best?!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Pops

Old Man

My Dad's birthday was March 22!
When I asked how old he was and then told him that he really is an old man now he told me a story. He said he was helping my brother Mike do some work in his basement last year and was really sore afterward. He told my brother that "This getting old stuff is the pits" My brother replied,"Dad your not GETTING old, you ARE old, I'm GETTING old!" (Mike will be 45 this year)
I love my Dad! More than I can express. If you were to ask me who in my life I look up to the most it would be my Dad.

A very common sight :)

Dad holding Rush when he came home from the hospital and on Christmas day

My Dad at our wedding, once again I can't express how happy I was that he was there! (he had gotten out of the hospital not long before)

More Crafts

Ties for Rush(the things that go around the neck are interchangeable and you can change the ties to be longer)

Cute firefighter shirt for Rush

Invitations to Young Women's New Beginnings

Cute shirt for Keilei

I had to put these up cause she was so cute
She see's a plane gets all excited and waves bye bye to it

Magnet board I made for my Mom- I bought the frame for $4 at the DI, I made the family proc. frame 2 yrs ago for Christmas for my Mom she cried when she opened it.

I didn't make these. The place that did them finally finished Rush's plaque, 2 months later, so I wanted to post the finished products

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keilei's First Prayer

Keilei said her first prayer all by herself, I think it was on Mon. March 22, and it was SO cute. She was saying a prayer with Sean and I just happened to overhear. It went something like this...
Heavenly Father...play with Mikey...store..Pop... Amen!
At least those where the words I understood:) It was pretty much a checklist of what we had done that day. Pop is my Dad, her grandpa. She calls him Pop, cause it is easier to say, and I think my dad might think it is a little weird because us kids call him Pop none of the other grand kids call him that. But anyway it was his birthday and we had gone over and sang him happy birthday, given him his card, and had cake.
Her prayer was so adorable. I can't wait till she does it again. It makes me so happy!

3 More Minutes

It was past Keilei's bedtime tonight and I told her it was time for bed and she said no "3 more minutes" holding up 3 fingers:) It made me smile. Sean said he had just taught her that. So she played around for a couple more minutes. She crawled on her hands and knees toward me growling and said "I'm going to eat you" which made both of us crack up. That phrase sounds so familiar but I can't think of where I have heard it before. I am possitive it is from a movie I just can't remember which one and it is driving me crazy.


Keilei was stalling going to bed the other night. She ran into the living room and laid on the recliner and started fake snoring. Sean picked her up so she was sitting upright in his arms she continued to pretend to be asleep. So we laid her head on Sean's shoulder and they started walking to Keilei's room. I was walking behind them, Keilei fake sleeping and snoring the whole time. Then she opened her eyes to a squint and said with a smile, "I'm Happy" and then went back to her pretending. It was SO tender, it warmed our hearts. It surprises me pretty regularly how fast she is picking up on thing now.
Like today I gave her a bite of my burrito and a minute later asked if she wanted more she said yes but then opened her mouth a little, pointed to her mouth and said finish this first. It's just surprising when she does something new like that even though it is small.

I Love To See The Temple

When we leave my parents house to go home we come to an intersection if you go right it is a little out of the way but you go past the Temple, if you go left it takes you straight to our house. Almost every time we get to that intersection Keilei says "Temple! See temple" or she points to the right and says, "That way...Temple!" The first time she told us to go "that way" Sean & I laughed and he said great she is already telling us how to drive. As we go by the temple she will say "Temple song, Temple song" until we start to sing I Love To See The Temple.
It is so cute that she likes to see the temple. You just can't tell her no when she wants to go see the temple.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Young Womens

So I forgot to post that I got a new calling.
I am the Young Women's Second counselor !!!
(I used to be the Laurel's Advisor, just in case you didn't know)
I am so happy I get to stay in YW's and get to work with great girls and leaders! It makes me SO SO SO happy. Other then the normal goals of getting girls more active and having them get their personal progress done I have one main(personal) goal...
Every year our stake has stake girls camp, never just ward camp. They also go to the exact same place every year, Cinnamon Creek, which is only 30-45 mins south of Logan. It is still in the valley. Now don't get me wrong it is a beautiful place but every year!?! Especially when we are surrounded by mountains and awesome destinations.
And guess where we are going for Youth Conference this year?...Yep you guessed it, Cinnamon Creek...AGAIN! Seriously is no one creative or do they just not want to put forth the effort for these kids?
I know when I was in YW's I always looked forward to camp it was so exciting and it is a chance to get girls that don't usually come to come. I just want that for the girls I work with now. I feel they are being deprived of something so fun that they will remember for the rest of their lives. I know I remember each of my camp years.
I have gone to Willow Flats ID twice or was it three times , somewhere around Tremonton in a grove of trees in the middle of a bunch of farm fields-blah, Waterton/Cardston Canada, & Bear Lake. I also went somewhere in Montana/Wy for a youth confrence trek. I bet you can guess which one sticks out most in my memory:)
I talk to my husband. He went to Durango, CO twice, Moab twice, he also went to a college and stayed a few days on campus for a Youth conference. And a bunch of other places. (He is from Tempe, AZ fyi)

...So my goal is to take our girls somewhere new, somewhere fun, somewhere they can have exciting experiences. (and before any of the laurels graduate so they can at least get to go to one new place!)
Wish us luck

Bullying !?!

Is it possible to be a bully at 2 years old?
Last week in church I was told that Keilei has a little bit of a bullying problem, and isn't sharing? And was asked if I could work with her on it. This came from one of the nursery leaders not a parent.
I asked for suggestions on facebook and everyone that replied seemed put out about it. I didn't really mind them(nursery leader) tell/saying that I am just at a loss for ideas of how to work with her on sharing? She doesn't have anyone to share with at home, not till Rush gets older anyway. And all of the kids she plays with are older then her so she is the one that is trying to keep up with them. But in nursery she is now one of the oldest. So the only thing I could come up with is to sit with her in nursery for a couple weeks, when I'm not teaching that is.
I guess we will see how it goes.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rush Rolled Over!!!

We where at my Mom's today to watch the Florida/BYU game and we laid Rush on the floor on his tummy. After a couple minutes he rolled over on to his back! He did it twice. I think it was more because he was top heavy, holding that big head up. He was pushing up with both his hands and then it looked like he couldn't hold his head up and balance it in the middle of his body weight. He just leaned to the side a little and his heavy head fell to the ground rolling his whole body over on to his back. I will have to get it on video.
It is exciting though!

Funny Keilei

This is Keilei's grumpy/pouty face
(notice how she is sitting on the steps..you'll know why later)

I was driving with the kids in the car and Rush was gooing and gawing up a storm. Then I heard Keilei in the back say "Settle down baby brother," in a very firm scolding voice. I told her it is ok, he is just talking. She rep remanded me saying "No, Settle down baby brother". I couldn't help but laugh.

The other day Sean, I, and the kids where driving somewhere and we where talking and Keilei said something from the back seat. I looked at Sean with a quizzical look and asked him, "Did Keilei just say what I think she said?" He replied he thought so.
She had just told us to "Shut Up"!
Sean asked me where she had learned that? Because we only extremely rarely say that. I told him that I think she learned it from Brother Bear, the mountain goats yell at their echos to shut up over and over again, she had been watching that lately.
When I told my Mom about it she said she could have learned from her too. I guess she yell at the dog to shut up when he is barking and stuff.

I was having a kissing war with Keilei the other day, kissing her all over her face. Between her laughs she said "Stop Mama!" I know it doesn't sound too impressive but it sounded so cute and she had never said anything like that before.

Lately Keilei has been obsessed with sitting on our front porch step and my Mom's steps. Every time we go outside she says "sit" and goes and sits on the porch and then says "Sit, sit" and pats the step next to her for us to sit with her.

I found Keilei hiding in my closet, which isn't rare, but when I found her she started looking for something and I couldn't understand her. Then I saw her little piglet figure in one of my shoes and realized she was saying "Wheres Piglet?", over and over.

I think it is so funny how I am entertained by the littlest things. But they kids are SO cute when they learn new things.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I finally got this picture off my phone. She was somewhere between 12 and 18 months. I just think it is SOOO cute.