Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Date

Sean & I went to Moab for the weekend with the kids so he could run a race, post more about that later, so we never got to do anything for Valentines day. So today I had a friend watch Keilei for a little while and Sean & I went Taco Time to eat lunch. It is a Valentines day tradition. Yeah I am easy to please:) And he gave me a message in a bottle, well actually a message and a bottle. He got the bottle but realized if he put it in we wouldn't be able to get it out:) It was a very cute thought though!
I got Sean a mini Book of Mormon. It is blue and looks just like the ones you give away on your mission but miniaturized. I also gave him a cutting board. I know not very romantic but he has been saying he wants a big cutting board so I went and got him one. Of course he didn't like it though, he wants a plastic one not wood like I got. So I have to go exchange it. This is why I never buy him things.

Taco time started 2 years ago. When we lived in Arizona and the only Taco Time, which I love, was like 30+mins away. So he took me there for Valentines day and I loved it. And we have done it ever since.


The Coons Family said...

That's so funny and sweet... the bottle, Taco time ya know. And ironic, JC hardly likes anything I buy him too, haha!