Thursday, February 18, 2010


Keilei is such a busy body

Here is some of her mischief...

I pulled this piece of hot dog out of Keilei's nose today!
When I went to get Keilei down from eating lunch she kept saying nose and whinning and sticking her finger up her nose. I knew instantly that she had shoved something up there. Thank goodness she is old enough to blow her nose cause I couldn't reach it.
I was wondering when I would have to deal with her shoving something up her nose...that day was today! 2/18/10

Keilei has done this a couple times. When we forget to lock the fridge. Last time she did it she got egg all over the carpet and left a trail through the kitchen

This is what the lock on our front door looks like. VERY old and only one key. We couldn't find the key one day and I told Sean to look in my boot because Keilei had left me a few other suprises in my boots lately. Sure enough the key was there.