Monday, February 22, 2010

Scooting Baby

Rush is starting to scoot! He still hates being on his tummy, it makes him so mad, so I hardly ever put him on his belly. So crawling might be slow:) Not that I'm in any hurry to have him mobile.

He was wrapped in the blanket and I went to get his bath water ready and this is where I found him when I came back.

He happened to be laying by Keilei's baby doll and...

He scooted up to where Keilei was and then grabbed her silky and...

tried to eat it. This is Keilei about to take it from him and...

She hid it behind her back :)
At least she didn't yell at him.

All his scooting explains why he has a bawled spot on the back of his head.
Keilei never got that cause she loved being on her tummy. It makes me sad that he has it.