Saturday, February 27, 2010


Rush is starting to try to roll over

Keilei has watched Tarzan over & over lately. That is all she wants to watch. She is showing me Tarzan

P.S. I love her hair like this! But she makes me take it out when she takes a nap or goes to bed. Not that I blame her I guess, I wouldn't want to sleep on that either.
Notice her bare feet!?! She still will not keep socks on!
I was at my Mom's house yesterday and I was feeding the baby in the living room and in walks Keilei with bare feet and ankle deep in mud. Leaving little muddy foot prints behind her. She sneaks out the back door without anyone noticing and has become very good at it. She had gone outside without shoes and trapped through the mud. Thank heaven so far she has always come back in.
You can't lock the door because there is too much traffic coming through that door. And my mom won't let me put a child safety door knob cover on it cause she says she can't open door when they are on. I told my parents they need to put a bell on the door so you can hear if she tries to go out.