Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ice Rink In The Park

The Park across the street from my mothers house(Merlin Olsen/Central Park) floods the playing field and makes it into an ice skating rink in the winter. They have done this since I was a little kid and way before that too. But for the 2002 Olympics there was an indoor ice rink built in the valley so I was afraid they would stop doing it in the park. Luckily so far they haven't stopped but there are a lot less people that go there now then what I remember as a kid.

Keilei always tries to slide on whatever ice she sees so I thought I would take her to the park and let her slide on the ice rink. Keilei walked out on the ice and immediately her feet flew from underneath her and she landed flat on her back. I ran to see of she was ok. When I got to her I asked, "Are you alright?" she answered, "yeah!" and got right back up again:) We didn't get skates we just went on it with our shoes, which was plenty slick enough. We twirled around for a little while then she want to go play on the playground that was across the stream from the ice rink.
I wasn't daring enough to put her on skates...yet, she can try it next year. I remember every year the ambulance coming to the skating rink at least once. I didn't want that to be because of us.

All bundled up...It was below zero the day we went

That is the ice rink right behind her

Keilei loves the swings

She kept leaning back in the swing, she thought it was fun, good thing they have kid swings

coming back to grandma's