Monday, February 22, 2010

Family Date Night

We got together on Saturday with some friends Missy & Desi, their husbands & their kids to have dinner and chat. We ate pot sticker which were amazing. I had never had them before. The guys watched the Olympics and played guitar hero while the girls chased after the kids and talked in between.

Will and Rush
They are 3 days apart. I was leaving the hospital as Desi was coming.Will is 30% and Rush is more then 100% in weight for their age. Two ends of the spectrum:)

Keilei, Mickey, & Bella

Geoff & Sean playing guitar hero

Missy taking Desi & Will's picture, she isn't to happy about it:)

Mickey, Payson, & Keilei
Keilei playing the drums on Missy's candle holders. Payson in the background.

Getting ready to go to bed