Saturday, February 27, 2010


Rush is starting to try to roll over

Keilei has watched Tarzan over & over lately. That is all she wants to watch. She is showing me Tarzan

P.S. I love her hair like this! But she makes me take it out when she takes a nap or goes to bed. Not that I blame her I guess, I wouldn't want to sleep on that either.
Notice her bare feet!?! She still will not keep socks on!
I was at my Mom's house yesterday and I was feeding the baby in the living room and in walks Keilei with bare feet and ankle deep in mud. Leaving little muddy foot prints behind her. She sneaks out the back door without anyone noticing and has become very good at it. She had gone outside without shoes and trapped through the mud. Thank heaven so far she has always come back in.
You can't lock the door because there is too much traffic coming through that door. And my mom won't let me put a child safety door knob cover on it cause she says she can't open door when they are on. I told my parents they need to put a bell on the door so you can hear if she tries to go out.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sick Mom

Is it totally horrible of me to think that sometimes I wish I didn't have kids. Now don't get me wrong I love them with all my heart and wouldn't give them up for anything. But sometimes I wish I was back in that stage of life where I didn't have kids yet. You know when you could work out when ever you wanted to, go grocery shopping without having to worry about getting a babysitter, go to bed and wake up when you wanted. And of course the reason I wrote this in the first place being able to spend all day in bed sleeping when you feel so horrible that that is all you want to do.
I hate being sick, but I especially hate being sick when I have kids to take care of and a husband that isn't home. I have no idea how my Mother had 13 kids. Granted she is like Sean and hardly ever gets sick. I can't help but think that the only way she did it is because the older kids helped with the younger ones, but even then I know that doesn't relieve all of the motherly duties not even close. All I can say it that she crazy and has more energy then anyone else I know.

Crafts, etc

I just finished this quilt. It was going to go in Rush's room. These are the colors I was going to do his room before I changed my mind and decided to do it firefighter themed. I finished this anyway and it will be the colors of the guest room/bike room of our new house instead...if we ever get it done.

This is the wall in Keilei's room I have been slowly adding to it


I hope it isn't too much but I like it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Painted Nails

I painted my nails while Keilei was asleep. The first time I had done it in a very long time. Keilei noticed as soon as she woke up and wanted hers done. She was amazingly still & she loved it! We had fun. It was the first time she has had her nails painted

showing them off

Look how pretty

She got pink and I did blue.

Unfortunately the pink got spilled on the carpet. But that was my fault:(
Good thing it is already ugly and a gazillion years old.

Scooting Baby

Rush is starting to scoot! He still hates being on his tummy, it makes him so mad, so I hardly ever put him on his belly. So crawling might be slow:) Not that I'm in any hurry to have him mobile.

He was wrapped in the blanket and I went to get his bath water ready and this is where I found him when I came back.

He happened to be laying by Keilei's baby doll and...

He scooted up to where Keilei was and then grabbed her silky and...

tried to eat it. This is Keilei about to take it from him and...

She hid it behind her back :)
At least she didn't yell at him.

All his scooting explains why he has a bawled spot on the back of his head.
Keilei never got that cause she loved being on her tummy. It makes me sad that he has it.

Family Date Night

We got together on Saturday with some friends Missy & Desi, their husbands & their kids to have dinner and chat. We ate pot sticker which were amazing. I had never had them before. The guys watched the Olympics and played guitar hero while the girls chased after the kids and talked in between.

Will and Rush
They are 3 days apart. I was leaving the hospital as Desi was coming.Will is 30% and Rush is more then 100% in weight for their age. Two ends of the spectrum:)

Keilei, Mickey, & Bella

Geoff & Sean playing guitar hero

Missy taking Desi & Will's picture, she isn't to happy about it:)

Mickey, Payson, & Keilei
Keilei playing the drums on Missy's candle holders. Payson in the background.

Getting ready to go to bed

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Potty in the Potty

Keilei peed in the toilet for the first time!!!
We aren't really trying to potty train her but after her nap she said she wanted to poo poo on the potty. She didn't poo but she peed. I was really excited and she got a treat. Hopefully she will want to do it again.

Picture perfect

Keilei and Rush's boots
I just had to take a picture.

Girls Night

Eating dinner in Layton at the Training Table with the Girls
Allison, KrisAnn, Missy, Desi & Me
oh and Rush is in the car seat at the end of the table

I asked Missy & KrisAnn if they were going to go to our 10 year high school reunion next year cause I told my husband I wasn't going unless they go.
The consciences was that this was all the reunion we need, is when we all get together.
It was good times. I Love my friends!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


We went to MOAB Feb. 12-14 so that Sean could do a trail running race down there. I LOVE Moab so we all went...

Our "in case we die" picture. It is a tradition my friends & I always did. We took a picture of all of us right before we leave so that just in case there is one last pic of us. Sean said it was kinda morbid. Maybe I'll rename it "On our way" or "Our next adventure" picture, but it just isn't the same.
Scenery on the way down. It was crazy white with snow most of the way. Which was very different.

Dropping Sean off at the start of his race

Then we went home and I got the kids ready and then myself ready. After that we had a little while to burn but not enough to really go and do anything so we took a bunch of random pic in the hotel room. I just love to take pictures of my kiddos...

He has the most beautiful eyes and eyelashes

cute little smirk

like I said random...these are the stupid bumps Keilei has on her thighs which she inherited from me:(

My Super Cute Kids, I couldn't decide which I liked best so there is a lot...

He finished!!!

I got there at almost perfect timing, he told me to be there at noon, I was getting the kids out of the car when he crossed the finish line. But he guessed right on the dot when he would finish.
He ran 20 miles
in 3:34:18 hours
and got 17th place out of 42 in his age group

Keilei had a blast throwing rocks

Sean sitting with Keilei. Which led to this...

-Sean cramping up because he sat down too soon
Waiting for Sean to cool down and stretch out

The canyon he just ran out of.
All the people waiting & cheering. As you can see the drive to pick Sean up was beautiful.

Our Family

Me and my cute baby

Sean & Keilei. She has been SO lovey dovey lately

This is me after entering Arches National Park.

I have to warn you there is an excess of pictures of me. Sean was too tired and sore to come with me so I left the baby with him. I was bitter that he wasn't going to come so we could do this as a family but it only took me 5 mins of driving into the park to be in a great mood again. I haven't been to Moab/ANP in 7 yrs, I forgot how beautiful it is and how much I love it. I couldn't help but smile and be in a good mood. and Keilei was asleep almost the whole time. I wanted someone in some of the pic so they ALL wouldn't be landscape only, which left me to be in them. Sorry

Keilei fell asleep literally 2 mins into the park and didn't wake up tell we stopped to go to Sand Dune arch on the way home.

Arches National Park under snow

I like this pic cause you can see, behind me, how much snow there is

Keilei finally woke up

In the mountains behind me is landscape, Double O, and a lot of other arches

These pis overlap a little bit. They are the mountains behind me. If you look closely you can see the line of cars at the base of the mtns.


Getting ready to go to Sand Dune Arch

The rock mountains the arch is in the middle of

Keilei & I in front of the entrance

This is the entrance to the arch

After you walk throw the two rock walls it opens up to this and then you have to go through another slit in some walls and then it opens up to where the arch is
This opposite of the entrance. I have climbed up and over that as well on the other side it is a beautiful valley.

you can see the sand along the wall it is so soft and is everywhere, only now covered in snow. In the summer there are a bunch of kids playing in it with thier beach toys. But when we went there was only us and one other family and they left really quickly. So we where there alone.

Keilei & I under Sand Dune Arch
I Love this arch it is my favorite because you have to squeeze through these two rock walls and then it opens up to this cool arch over silky fine sand. And it is always shady. I think in a way it reminds me of Secret Garden.

Keilei under the arch

coming out of Sand Dune Arch
Keilei was not happy. I had to carry her all the way to and from the arch, which isn't far but trickyin the snow. Every time I put her down to take a picture she would whine and say "NO Picture, no picture"

Walking back to the car this was the view and there was this crow just sitting there I just thought it was pretty

Balance rock

My family watching TV.

I love the way Keilei is laying there.

I was beautiful trip it was just white for as far as you could see, not even any sagebrush poking out, just flat white. I had never seen anything like it before.

It looked so cool the melting snow turning into steam rising of the hills

You can see the steam all along the bottom of the ridge

It was a great trip. Rush was an angel! He only cried like 2 times the whole trip. Keilei on the other hand was the opposite. She doesn't sleep in the car and won't take naps except in her own crib so she was cranky the whole time. Poor Sean isn't used to her never holding still either so his patience was a little short with her. I couldn't help but think this is what I deal with all day everyday! :)
I do just wish we had more time. I would have liked to hike more, even in the snow. I would have loved to got to Canyon lands National Park, Dead Horse Point, & Hole in the Rock but I guess that will have to be on the next trip.