Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sleep...what is that?

So last night Rush fell asleep at 8 and slept till 10 and then was up until 2:30 last night!!! He was all giggles and "talking" up a storm around 2 am. It is a good thing he was so adorable cause man was I tired. I totally felt for him though cause I think he was having a bad reflux day, he was more fussy then usual all day.
So a night like that every once in awhile I can handle. But it is 11:41 pm and Rush is fast asleep but Keilei isn't.
Sean & I have sensitive skin a trait we past to both of our kids, poor things. Keilei apparently has eaten too many oranges in the last couple days, she loves them(just like momma), cause today she got a horrible rash. It is all over her diaper area and even worse in between her legs just out side of her diaper, I think her pants rubbed it and made it worse cause tonight it was to the point she had blisters and it is all swollen:( So she is not a comfortable girl. She bawls when I change her bum, squirms a lot and walks all bull legged. So she won't go to sleep cause she hurts.
So in both cases I am totally fine with staying up, my poor kids where/are in pain I can go without a little sleep, but do they have to happen one right after the other?!?!


marry said...

I got my book through Blurb... it ended up being around 30 ish after shipping

The Coons Family said...

Poor thing! I love the pics of your kids on the side!!! Keilei's eyelashes and Rush is such a cutie. It's fun to see who they resemble when the "newborn" look goes away and their personality starts to come out too!! The new background is awesome... Oh I edited my header in picasa as a collage.