Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sean's Work/ Kids

Sean at work. He works today and tomorrow. Now that he works for Logan City Fire Department he works 48 hour shifts instead of 24 hr. He works for 2 days then has 4 days off. He works part time down at the Bountiful fire dept., where he used to work, and also at Joy Ride bikes when they need him. So on is 4 days off he usually works at least one of the days.
But it is the 48 hrs that I am trying to get used to. It isn't so bad durning the week but when he works on Sunday it is a pain. It is not fun taking Keilei & Rush to church by myself. Luckily Rush is usually an angel which really helps. Keilei loves going to nursery too thank goodness. It is mostly hauling the 2 kids plus the diaper bag, Keilei's church bag, and my church bag around. That and sacrament meeting! They do pretty good. But if Rush gets hungry in sacrament meeting then we just go home cause I have to take both out with me anyway. And some times Keilei is off the walls.
I know I need to get over it and not complain. I have no idea how people handle more then 2 kids!?!? I guess I just need to get used to it.
I have to get used to Sean being gone for two days as well, and when he comes home he is exhausted and just wants to sleep because they go on so many calls. So it is basically 3 days that I can't get errands done, cause I refuse to take both kids shopping....Keilei is crazy at the store! Besides if I take them both there is no room in the grocery cart to put the food.
As you can tell I couldn't handle 3+ kids. Which is why we plan on waiting 3-5 years till we have another one. Till Keilei & Rush aren't such a handful. Cause I don't have the patients and my head couldn't handle it not with Sean being gone for 2+ days at a time.
So MAJOR PROPS to military wives!!! I don't know how you do it!?!?