Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rush's Laugh

I haven't been as good at keeping track of things Rush does as I did with Keilei. Rush started to laugh at least a week ago. He laughed when I was playing with him earlier today it was so adorable! He is the sweetest baby and so well tempered like Keilei WAS :) He is such a good baby! He is starting to sleep through the night which I LOVE! He does eat all the time it seems. Even when he isn't eating he likes to have something in his mouth almost all the time. He has taken to sucking on his fists quite a bit, he even gets his thumb every once and a while(of course always when I don't have the camera handy)

Isn't he adorable
p.s. those are 6 month clothes and he is 6 weeks in the picture!
he is only 10 weeks now and those clothes are really tight on him :)