Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rush's Baby Blessing

We blessed Rush Ellsworth Lowe on Sunday January 3, 2010 at 10:45 am at the church across from Logan high. He is 7 weeks old. I was SOOO happy that so many people came. I told Sean we needed to save 2 rows and we ended up taking up 4 1/2 rows. Scott, Cristina, Lee, Paulo, Jeff, Melinda, Todd, Bry, Lori, Kayla, Mike, Dani, Alex, Nick, Max, Miguel, Josie, Lily, Mom & Dad where all there! And Mike & Scott and their families came up from Salt Lake area. Then there was Desi, Sara, Brody, Carolyn, Jordan, Will, Liz, and Jackie of my friends that came!
Sean, Dad, Mike, Scott, Jeff, Jordan, Cameron(Sean home teaching companion), and the Bishop where all in the circle. I unfortunately didn't hear all of the blessing because I was holding Keilei who was yelling Daddy & Rush the whole time and squirming trying to get down and go to them:) But it was still a nice blessing. After sacrament meeting( which is last in our ward) we went to my parents and ate pot roast, watched football, and visited.

Our beautiful baby boy
(in the blanket Sam made for him)

Our family and Mom Lowe

The Many faces of Keilei
She was an emotional roller coaster but oh so cute ...

It was a good day


Missy said...

Baby blessings are such a neat experience:) That's so nice that you have so many friends and family to come and support you guys.

Nichole Lowe said...

Wish we could have been there for the blessing. I still can't believe you have two kids. Rush is so cute. It looks like you had a great Christmas and Keilei got a ton. Thanks for what you got Kate and Tyler. They loved it. Sorry I haven't called to say that it has just been crazy here. Kate carries her wand every where. What can I say she is a Princess. :)

The Coons Family said...

Those are some really great pics outside the church!! We're so sad we missed this with your family! You guys are such good friends to us, we miss you a TON! Glad it was a great day for you.