Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Night

After opening presents at my parents and visiting for awhile we went home, packed and left to go to Salt Lake City to see the temple lights. We stopped in Bountiful to get my Rx. Then to SLC to check into our hotel, the Marriott just west of temple square. We got all bundled up and walk to see the lights. It was bitter cold and none of the visitors centers, tabernacle, or Joseph Smith Memorial Buildings where open so there was no place to warm up. I am pretty sure it was below zero and Keilei would not keep her gloves or hat on. So we did a quick loop and went back to the hotel. We did have fun though.
Next was trying to find a place to eat. EVERYTHING was closed. We needed to get milk to put in Keilei's bottle and we couldn't even find a gas station that was open. The only food places open was Chinese. So we had Chinese food for our Christmas dinner.
Going to see the lights is a tradition we want to do in our family, we had a lot of fun this year and last, but I don't think we will every go on Christmas day again. Too much of a hassle.

All bundled up

Keilei with Mom & Dad

It is so magestic

This is my favorite tree. It has been my favorite since I was a kid. They always do it in red. I was so disappointed when last year they didn't have it decorated. So this year when I saw it all lit up in red it made my day and took me down memory lane.

Our Christmas dinner

Sleeping outside of her new Buz & Woody sleeping bag we got her