Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Afternoon

Our Family
Dec. 25, 2009

We went to my parents house around 10 I think and we all opened presents. Kayla and I has talked before Christmas about how it was going to be small, family wise, this year. Kristi, Mike, Bry, Nate and their families couldn't come. So we where 20 people short this year. And yet we still had a house full. And plenty of presents.

Everyone waiting for us to get there
Kayla and her hubby Josh

My Dad & Rush, Scott & Cristina

Dad opening his new laptop, Toad

Opening presents

Sean opening the present I made him( a firefighter blanket to use at work)

One of the 2 blankets my older brother Sam made for Rush

the other blanket Sam made for Rush,
the blanket Sam made for Jeff
(Sam also made a couple other blankets. It is funny to sit and watch a big tattoo cover guy with a mohawk and piercings crochet:)