Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have been watching all the horrible news about Haiti, as is most of the world. I ache for a way to be able to help those people. I wish I was in a place in my life that I could go down there and help.

But I am especially touched when I see the news about the orphans!

My parents and I where watching the news and I said I wish they would give me a Haitian orphan. ( We don't have a stock load of cash to pay for what I have heard an adoption could cost) I kinda went off saying that the whole process should not take as long and SO much money! They need homes and people are willing why is it so difficult? We may not be wealthy but but we could give them a loving home where they would be healthy, get a good education, a full stomach and family there is nothing greater then that.

So the other night I asked Sean if he would be willing to adopt a Haitian child, you know what he said?!?! ...." I would love to" :) I can't express how much I love him! It made my heart feel good.
Now I'm not saying it is going to happen but we are looking into it. I know we would both love to be able to help at least one of those kids lives. How can you not want to bring one of them into your lives when you see how adorable they are...
So if any of you know any info about the adoption process hopefully a quick easy one( I know yeah right huh) feel free to send info our way.

P.S. I was talking to Sean last night and it came to mind that if we adopted a Haitian that there would be 6 nationalities in my family.
I have...
Russian- Sis n law & Nephew
Brazilian- Sis n law, nephew & nieces
Samoan- Bro n law and nephews
Mexican- Nephew and nieces(adopted)
US- the rest of us
Sean said he hadn't thought about how he had married into such a melting pot family:)

So touching!

They all look so sweet