Sunday, January 31, 2010

L - O - V - E

I LOVE my kids!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have been watching all the horrible news about Haiti, as is most of the world. I ache for a way to be able to help those people. I wish I was in a place in my life that I could go down there and help.

But I am especially touched when I see the news about the orphans!

My parents and I where watching the news and I said I wish they would give me a Haitian orphan. ( We don't have a stock load of cash to pay for what I have heard an adoption could cost) I kinda went off saying that the whole process should not take as long and SO much money! They need homes and people are willing why is it so difficult? We may not be wealthy but but we could give them a loving home where they would be healthy, get a good education, a full stomach and family there is nothing greater then that.

So the other night I asked Sean if he would be willing to adopt a Haitian child, you know what he said?!?! ...." I would love to" :) I can't express how much I love him! It made my heart feel good.
Now I'm not saying it is going to happen but we are looking into it. I know we would both love to be able to help at least one of those kids lives. How can you not want to bring one of them into your lives when you see how adorable they are...
So if any of you know any info about the adoption process hopefully a quick easy one( I know yeah right huh) feel free to send info our way.

P.S. I was talking to Sean last night and it came to mind that if we adopted a Haitian that there would be 6 nationalities in my family.
I have...
Russian- Sis n law & Nephew
Brazilian- Sis n law, nephew & nieces
Samoan- Bro n law and nephews
Mexican- Nephew and nieces(adopted)
US- the rest of us
Sean said he hadn't thought about how he had married into such a melting pot family:)

So touching!

They all look so sweet

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What a Mess

I spy the culprit guessed it... Keilei!
(of course:)

All over the dining room/office...

making a trail up the stairs, and all over the living room!
(excuse the mess but as you can see it is hard to keep my house clean when Keilei is awake)
This only took her less about 5 mins!!!

Crowns = Cake

Keilei found a princess crown at my Mom's house yesterday, it used to belong to Kayla. Well she brought it into my Mom and showed her. Then she put it on her head and said "Cake!?!" Then when no one answered her she took it off and handed it to my mom, took it back, put it back on again and said cake again. This time I was paying more attention and I translated for my Mom. We both laughed because she thought that wearing a crown means you get cake, not that I can blame her for thinking that. She wears a crown on her birthday and gets cake! And she has seen Kayla do it too:)

1st Birthday, 2nd Birthday

Kayla's 18th birthday

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rush's Laugh

I haven't been as good at keeping track of things Rush does as I did with Keilei. Rush started to laugh at least a week ago. He laughed when I was playing with him earlier today it was so adorable! He is the sweetest baby and so well tempered like Keilei WAS :) He is such a good baby! He is starting to sleep through the night which I LOVE! He does eat all the time it seems. Even when he isn't eating he likes to have something in his mouth almost all the time. He has taken to sucking on his fists quite a bit, he even gets his thumb every once and a while(of course always when I don't have the camera handy)

Isn't he adorable
p.s. those are 6 month clothes and he is 6 weeks in the picture!
he is only 10 weeks now and those clothes are really tight on him :)


I think dishwashers are a stupid invention. The idea is great but in my opinion they lack in performance. You have to rinse the dish off completely before putting it in and then I always have some that come out dirty still.
So to me Dishwashers are just a big waste of time, effort, & water!
Because while you are rinsing off your dish to stick in in the dishwasher you might as well just wash it off and sit it to dry. It takes the same amount of effort. I get so irritated when I have to take "clean"dishes out of the dishwasher and have to hand was them, might as well have done that in the first place!!!
So all though Sean LOVES the dishwasher, I rarely use it. I did however grow up hand washing dishes ALL my life, and we have a huge family it was a lot of dishes. I guess that is just the system I am used to.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sean's Work/ Kids

Sean at work. He works today and tomorrow. Now that he works for Logan City Fire Department he works 48 hour shifts instead of 24 hr. He works for 2 days then has 4 days off. He works part time down at the Bountiful fire dept., where he used to work, and also at Joy Ride bikes when they need him. So on is 4 days off he usually works at least one of the days.
But it is the 48 hrs that I am trying to get used to. It isn't so bad durning the week but when he works on Sunday it is a pain. It is not fun taking Keilei & Rush to church by myself. Luckily Rush is usually an angel which really helps. Keilei loves going to nursery too thank goodness. It is mostly hauling the 2 kids plus the diaper bag, Keilei's church bag, and my church bag around. That and sacrament meeting! They do pretty good. But if Rush gets hungry in sacrament meeting then we just go home cause I have to take both out with me anyway. And some times Keilei is off the walls.
I know I need to get over it and not complain. I have no idea how people handle more then 2 kids!?!? I guess I just need to get used to it.
I have to get used to Sean being gone for two days as well, and when he comes home he is exhausted and just wants to sleep because they go on so many calls. So it is basically 3 days that I can't get errands done, cause I refuse to take both kids shopping....Keilei is crazy at the store! Besides if I take them both there is no room in the grocery cart to put the food.
As you can tell I couldn't handle 3+ kids. Which is why we plan on waiting 3-5 years till we have another one. Till Keilei & Rush aren't such a handful. Cause I don't have the patients and my head couldn't handle it not with Sean being gone for 2+ days at a time.
So MAJOR PROPS to military wives!!! I don't know how you do it!?!?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sleep...what is that?

So last night Rush fell asleep at 8 and slept till 10 and then was up until 2:30 last night!!! He was all giggles and "talking" up a storm around 2 am. It is a good thing he was so adorable cause man was I tired. I totally felt for him though cause I think he was having a bad reflux day, he was more fussy then usual all day.
So a night like that every once in awhile I can handle. But it is 11:41 pm and Rush is fast asleep but Keilei isn't.
Sean & I have sensitive skin a trait we past to both of our kids, poor things. Keilei apparently has eaten too many oranges in the last couple days, she loves them(just like momma), cause today she got a horrible rash. It is all over her diaper area and even worse in between her legs just out side of her diaper, I think her pants rubbed it and made it worse cause tonight it was to the point she had blisters and it is all swollen:( So she is not a comfortable girl. She bawls when I change her bum, squirms a lot and walks all bull legged. So she won't go to sleep cause she hurts.
So in both cases I am totally fine with staying up, my poor kids where/are in pain I can go without a little sleep, but do they have to happen one right after the other?!?!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today Keilei was looking at a book and it had a picture of a chicken in it. She said chicken and Sean reassured her saying yep chicken. Then Keilei leaned over and licked the picture of the chicken and said yummy! It was hilarious. Hopefully she doesn't start doing that to pigs and cows too when she figures out what hamburger and bacon are:)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Yesterday when I went to get Keilei out of bed in the morning she was laying on her back with footie pajamas off of her except still on her feet. As I got closer I notice her diaper was partially off and it only took me a second to notice she had poo all over her!!! There was crap all over her hands and arms, tummy, legs, all over her pj's, the sheet, bed and even some in her hair :( say the least
I had to take her diaper the rest of the way off and carefully put her in the tub and rinse her off. Then drain the tub and clean it. Fill up the tub again and give her an actual bath.
After that I had to clean and sanitize her entire bed. I ended up throwing her pj's away, it just wasn't worth the effort of trying to save them. I did save the sheet and blanket though.
It was the most discussing mess I have ever had to clean up...even worse then scrubbing under the grill when I worked in fast food:)
Hopefully this doesn't become a habit!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rush's 2 Month Check-up

Rush's 2 month check up on January 8, 2010.
These are is stats...
Weight 15.81 lbs over 100% he is off the charts!!!
Length 24 in 86%
Head 16.7 in 96%
The doctor looked it up, Rush is the same weight as much as a average 5 month old and as tall as an average 4 month old. Not surprising since he is wearing 6 month clothes!

Rush's one month check up Dec. 7, 2009
Weight 12.5 lbs 97%
Length ?
Head ?

Rush's 2 week check up Nov. 24, 2009
Weight 10.01 lbs 84%
Length 21.5 in 78%
Head 15.2 in 83%


Sean & I went to see Avatar in 3D last night. It was the first 3D movie I have ever seen. That is an amazing movie!!! I am definitely a fan. Before we went my brother said that Avatar was Dances With Wolves and Ferngully put together but in space. Now that I have seen it I get what he means and he is exactly right. I really liked it. My Mom watched Keilei and we took Rush with us. He did really well. I was worried because it was incredibly loud but he still managed to sleep for some of it.
I would good see it again and recommend it to anyone.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Little Firefighter

I love being able to dress Rush in firefighter stuff. I am glad that Sean is a firefighter cause I like dressing him in firefighter clothes a lot more then sports, dog, or safari clothes. Which seems to be the 4 most popular things for little boys.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rush's Baby Blessing

We blessed Rush Ellsworth Lowe on Sunday January 3, 2010 at 10:45 am at the church across from Logan high. He is 7 weeks old. I was SOOO happy that so many people came. I told Sean we needed to save 2 rows and we ended up taking up 4 1/2 rows. Scott, Cristina, Lee, Paulo, Jeff, Melinda, Todd, Bry, Lori, Kayla, Mike, Dani, Alex, Nick, Max, Miguel, Josie, Lily, Mom & Dad where all there! And Mike & Scott and their families came up from Salt Lake area. Then there was Desi, Sara, Brody, Carolyn, Jordan, Will, Liz, and Jackie of my friends that came!
Sean, Dad, Mike, Scott, Jeff, Jordan, Cameron(Sean home teaching companion), and the Bishop where all in the circle. I unfortunately didn't hear all of the blessing because I was holding Keilei who was yelling Daddy & Rush the whole time and squirming trying to get down and go to them:) But it was still a nice blessing. After sacrament meeting( which is last in our ward) we went to my parents and ate pot roast, watched football, and visited.

Our beautiful baby boy
(in the blanket Sam made for him)

Our family and Mom Lowe

The Many faces of Keilei
She was an emotional roller coaster but oh so cute ...

It was a good day

Sean's Present From Me

I had meant for this to be Sean's Birthday present but didn't get it done on time because the store I got the fabric from ran out. So I had to wait for them to get more. Sean sleeps at the station and I wanted him to have a blanket he could use there. And that would also work to cuddle with on the recliners while watching TV.
It really wasn't too hard to make. It just took me longer then I had planned because of the fabric situation. I had planned to have it done before Rush arrived. By the time I got the fabric I had had Rush and that also slowed things a bit. It was the most complicated blanket I have made so far. But I could have had it done in a couple days if I had the fabric & didn't have kids, and didn't have to wait for Sean to be gone. But I got it done for Christmas. Yea! I hope he likes it.

Christmas Night

After opening presents at my parents and visiting for awhile we went home, packed and left to go to Salt Lake City to see the temple lights. We stopped in Bountiful to get my Rx. Then to SLC to check into our hotel, the Marriott just west of temple square. We got all bundled up and walk to see the lights. It was bitter cold and none of the visitors centers, tabernacle, or Joseph Smith Memorial Buildings where open so there was no place to warm up. I am pretty sure it was below zero and Keilei would not keep her gloves or hat on. So we did a quick loop and went back to the hotel. We did have fun though.
Next was trying to find a place to eat. EVERYTHING was closed. We needed to get milk to put in Keilei's bottle and we couldn't even find a gas station that was open. The only food places open was Chinese. So we had Chinese food for our Christmas dinner.
Going to see the lights is a tradition we want to do in our family, we had a lot of fun this year and last, but I don't think we will every go on Christmas day again. Too much of a hassle.

All bundled up

Keilei with Mom & Dad

It is so magestic

This is my favorite tree. It has been my favorite since I was a kid. They always do it in red. I was so disappointed when last year they didn't have it decorated. So this year when I saw it all lit up in red it made my day and took me down memory lane.

Our Christmas dinner

Sleeping outside of her new Buz & Woody sleeping bag we got her