Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Keilei's 3 Year Check Up

Keilei stats

Weight: 32 lbs 63%
Height: 39 in 88%
Body Mass Index 14.8 21% & to be honest I have no idea what that is, I have to look it up or as Sean?

She is tall and skinny, don't know a girl in the world that would complain about that:) Her She is healthy she doesn't have any of the sores on her bum, now that she is potty trained YEA!!! She got her first flu shot. Well it wasn't a shot it was one they put in her nose. I don't know that I am a big fan of them we will probably forgo them next year. I just keep learning new bad things about them in adult and it just makes me nervous giving them to my babies. I have never had one and I do fine. Sorry for the tangent.

The only concern I had about her was that she is pigeon toed. But he said that unless it is bad enough to make her walk on her tippy toes that it shouldn't be a problem and that it might actually give her an advantage while playing sports.

Oh I was a little worried that she doesn't eat much but he said that for the next couple years they don't grow very much so it is fine. Which is a relief because I swear that girl never eats. Rush is such a little boy that he eats all the time so it just make me notice the difference all the more.

Rush got his follow up flu shot at her appt. Keilei got mad at the nurse. She stood up and scowled at her and said you hurt my Rush. It was the cutest thing!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day-My Parents house


Keilei got a big Tinkerbell doll, she loved

Rush got a book and took it to Sean and Sean started to read it to him and I had to tell Sean that he was trying to sit down on his lap, cause Rush kept push his way past the book. It was really cute.

Our kids so excited, Keilei to open a present and Rush to push one around
My Dad opening a present. His big gift this year was a kindle(sp?) He has been reading tons since he retired:)
some of my family opening presents

Sean opening Keilei's big Tangled doll that she got. She was so excited

Grandma got Keilei a Tinkerbell chair so she could watch movies in it at her house

Mom got a snowblower from my brother Sam. He lives in Alaska so he sent us the money and we picked it up for her. She is on the phone with Sam.
Keilei got a Tangled vanity from Uncle Josh, and Uncle Scott put it together for her. She was excited.
After we ate a big, late breakfast Bry and his family and Jeff & Melinda came over and opened presents.

We went home and took a nap and then went back to my parents and had dinner. Then they watched them while Sean & I went to see a movie. Then we picked up the kids and it was home to bed.

Christmas Day-Our House

Keilei didn't come to wake us up until around 8:30 by that time both Sean & I had woken, taken a shower and gotten ready for the day. I knew if I didn't get ready before the kids where up I would be stuck in my pj's all day.

Keilei SO excited to open what Santa left her in her stocking, she knew what it was, her Tangled doll. It is all she has been talking about since she saw the movie, that Santa is going to bring her the doll, if she is a good girl of course.

She loved her doll

Then we kinda got a sytem going. Rush was just chillin and content to watch. So Keilei would open the presents and then Rush would play with them, till Keilei opened another one that is...

Keilei opening, Rush playing with it
We tried to get Rush to open a couple but he didn't really care and Keilei couldn't wait so she would finish...

and then he would play with it:)
Trying out her new very own chair, that reclines like Mom & Dad's

getting Dad to open the toys
My adorable kids and me:)

Rush loved the new kitchen toys
and hugged each of the balls that he got:)

Exlporing their loot

trying to open their toys

wrestling with Daddy

Keilei putting on her makeup
Getting ready to watch a movie

My Hot Hubby & me

Christmas Eve

Sean & I did some shopping for things for the house before the kids woke up, my Dad came and stayed with them. Then most of the day we either spent at our new house or hung out with my family. We went to Texas Roadhouse that night with a bunch of my family. Thier mashed potatoes and brown gravy are to dye for:) Then before we went home we drove around and looked at Christmas light, Keilei kept asking to. Then it was home to bed for the kids, after reading Keilei The Night Before Christmas, twice(once by Dad & once by Mom) Sean & I stayed up and wrapped presents while we watched Joy To The World and then got them under the tree. Keilei was so excited that Santa was going to came and bring her a Tangled doll.

Keilei woke up at 2 am and when I went to put her back in bed she stopped and looked at all the presents and sadly said "Momma I don't see a tangled doll" I told her Santa probably wrapped it and we could open them in the morning. She took one more, closer look at the presents, searching for her doll and then went back to bed.

Santa Surprise

Dec.23, 2010 Sean, the kids, & I where sitting with my parents watching a show when an unexpected guest showed up...

Santa Claus!
Keilei was so excited. He gave her and Rush a candy cane and sat on his lap and told him that she wanted a Tangled doll for Christmas (she told everyone that) He showed her his "reindeer"( lamas dressed as reindeer) outside.
After he left I asked my Mom & Dad who that was they replied they had no idea, they said they thought that we had arranged it. We had no clue who he was. My Mom called a couple people to see if they knew, they didn't.

I was a little unsettled by that. It either could have been just a really nice guy, which he seemed to be, that was going around and just happened to see the kids through the window. Or it could have been a creeper...stacking out house, sicko having kids sit on his lap, etc. I kept thinking about it the whole night. I couldn't believe we let a complete stranger in the house and hold Keilei. But I figured Mom knew him and Mom figured I knew him.

Come to find out a couple days later that he was a Santa with the sub for Santa program and they where making deliveries near by and just stopped at the house on the block saying hi to kids. Thank goodness.

Christmas weekend

Sean had work off so we had my mom & dad watch the kids and we went and picked out our appliances and all our light fixtures.

We went to all the appliances stores. We ended up getting our appliances at Hooker. We got better stuff there at the same price the other places where going to give us the cheapest stuff. I am getting so excited!!!

Pictures of the House

House progress!
This is wear the dining table is going to go. The door goes into the master. That is our paint color. With the trim, doors, & ceiling all white. I think it is perfect in the hallway, bathroom, and bedrooms where they are small rooms. But I really wanted it a darker color in the kitchen and living room. But the color a shade darker we tested on the wall before we went with this one and it was going to be too dark. But this one is too light I wish they had a shade in between. But at the same time I would rather have too light then too dark.
Sean pointed out that we are going to have darker floors, dining table and picture frames on the wall and with all that he is sure it will look fine. I really hope so.
I can't wait to see it with the cabinets in! Which should get in on the 29th and take around a week to put in.

pantry in the kitchen, to the right of it will be a built in desk
Keilei's bedroom yeah I know it is super bright. My sister inlaw had the perfect color of green in her daughters room and I got the name of it from her but none of the stores had it. So I had to pick out one myself. I HATE picking out paint colors. HATE HATE HATE it. I think it will be cute when all her white furniture is in it and all her white frames on the least I hope so:)
Master room primed
Our front door
livingroom primed

hallway looking into spare bedroom, bathroom on the right. Keilei and Rush's rooms are right behind me.
Rush's bedroom primed
getting ready to pour the rest of out driveway

standing in my parents driveway looking back at our house
our house getting ready to pour cement for our parking, walk way and porch
our garage
kids bathroom
hallway looking into the spare bedroom
kitchen looking into the living room
Master bedroom
Our master bathroom looking into the closet