Thursday, December 3, 2009

Liz's Wedding

I met Liz because she is my best friend Carolyn's little sister. But she is close to us in age and a blast to hang out with so she also became a vast friend. I am so glad that she is so happy in her life, it makes me happy. I am so glad I got to go to her wedding.
Sean had planned on going to a bike race in the SLC valley the day of her wedding, but I told him that if my family couldn't watch the kids he would have to stay.He debated with me saying I could miss it. That she wasn't that close of a friend. Then after the wedding Jackie told Desi & I that she was getting everything ready to start the ceremony and she had went to ask Liz if they could start and Liz said If Shawna, Desi, and Jana are here then we can start. So she went out to check and we where all there so they started. But that made me feel all warm and fuzzy that she had said me specifically. I of course told Sean about that when I got home:)

The happy couple watching Liz's sisters sing

Beautiful Liz

I loved her dress

Next is all of us congratulating the bride

Jackie, Ashley

Desi & Me

Me Liz & Desi

Carolyn & I, Jackie & Desi

Jordan & Will, Carolyn & Jordan