Monday, December 14, 2009

Keilei 2nd Birthday

Keilei is our first child and our little adorable angel. She was an amazing baby but is making up for that by starting to be a terrible, or should I say very busy, two year old:) But we love her SOOO much and are grateful she is so stink'n cute, it saves her life sometimes:) We are so glad to have her in our lives and love to watch her learn new things.
She Loves:
Hot dogs
Pretties- which includes flowers, lotion, chap stick, eyeshadow, etc.
Her Grandma's house
Kayla and her fiance Josh
Being outside
Her silky
Making messes
Buzz & Woody
Winnie the Pooh
Making funny faces
French fries
and Watching shows
and presently Christmas lights and eating snow

She can sing Patty Cake all by herself
She just started the "Whats this?" phase, she asks it all the time
She runs away from me in the store and in the parking lot:( and is quite a fast little bugger
She never keeps her socks & shoes on...never
She cries more when Grandma leaves then when we do
Since we brought Rush home she has been very into her baby doll. She carts it around and mimics what she sees me do with Rush
And she is starting to stick her finger in her nose
But she goes to bed great even for her naps. She has even been known to ask to go to bed for her nap time sometimes.
She is stink'n adorable and we love her!

Now on to her Birthday Party
Grandma had a ward party and since she is the relief society president she had to be there and it was the same time as Keilei's party. So she came early and had Keilei open her presents. Which where pants and a couple of snow globes that she ended up braking within the hour, but she liked them while they lasted.

We sang Happy Birthday and she blew out her candles, with a little help from Daddy

She played more with her balloons then with anything else, go figure
Sean cutting the cake and Keilei grabbing her first present

She got a tinker bell pez dispenser from Jeff and a Woody & Buzz one from Kayla. She really liked them all.

I thought her face was so cute. It is a little Winnie the Pooh figure...I love dollar stores:)

Then she got a little mermaid from Aunt Nichole and some boots that she actually likes to wear, she isn't a big fan of shoes

Playing with Connor Milligan

Opening presents from Grandma Lowe

She got an aquadoodle and some way cute clothes

Then she asked Cassie to help her open the gift she gave her...some cool crayons

She also got a coloring book and crayons from Desi & Mickey McGee
Sean saved his gift for last. Her first bike!!!
Although she has to wait a couple months to use it. It doesn't have peddles and it is supposed to teach you how to balance

Just hanging out

Thank you to everyone for the gifts!
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


Missy said...

Happy Birthday to Keilei! I love her birthday outfit, very pretty:) I'm sure she will master that bike soon enough, especially with help from her dad.