Monday, December 7, 2009


Unfortunately the Gators lost their last game:( But I happened to find some really cute clothes for the kids right before the game.
My Sister in law gave me a gift card to TJMax and when I went I picked out a couple cute things and then decided to check the clearance rack and found all of this Florida Gators outfits. So of course I had to get them instead, for Sean's sake. I got five outfits, with shirts and pants, for $30!!! I was so excited. Half fit Keilei and half will fit Rush in a month.

Keilei's outfit for the game

Rush's outfit for the game

Keilei and Rush in their gator gear!

Keilei held him for a minute and then said "No Baby" and started to push him off of her lap.

Keilei showing me the gator on Sean's bike.

Keilei laying with Rush
Aren't they cute


Kim said...

Will I be flogged if I tell you I don't know who the Gators are? ;)

Nichole Lowe said...

I love Keieis little track suit. I can't believe you found all of that up there and for 30 bucks. We usually do our shopping in Florida because we can't find it here. Well now you can join our tradition of dressing on Saturday for the big game. We were all pretty sad about the loss on Saturday. Hopefully they play better in the bowl game. Tebow is still our hero though. :)