Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kayla & Josh Married

Dec. 17, 2009

Kayla's Bridals

I took these, I think they turned out pretty well. What do you think?
(just in case you are wondering the wedding was very casual and Kayla didn't wear a wedding dress)

I can never decide wether I like color, black & white or sepia best

Bride & Groom

he he, the second picture he is trying to push her off of him, you had to be there it was funny:)

The rings

More pics
They love the one of the shoes:)

I can't believe my little sister has a husband!

Kayla's Open House

Josh & Kayla

The Ring

check out her eye lashes!!! the bouquet

Mom, Kayla, Josh, Dad & Jackson

Mom, Kayla & Dad

Daddy's little girl

(which I did, so hopefully they don't look too bad)

Opening presents
after everyone but some family had left

Pictures of people there

Me & Rush
McKay, Keenan, Sam, Keilei, Gina

Kayla & Sam / Mom & Susan Munk

Sean & I / Kayla & I

Lee & Paulo / Camilla & Rush

People from the ward / Jessica & Kayla

Craig & Susan Munk / The Henrie's & Kayla & Josh

Nephews & Nieces & some of their boyfriends
This is the couple that Josh lived with. Don't know their names