Friday, November 20, 2009

Rush Comes Home

We left the hospital around noon on the 11th. As Sean was taking our stuff outside to the car he ran into my friend Desi & Geoff and they were just heading inside to have their baby. She was due 2 weeks after me. When we got home my Mom, Dad, Kayla, & Keilei were there.

They all huddled around him of course

But everyone let Keilei get a close up first. She was so cute with him

Our little angel

Kayla's turn

Grandpa's turn

Keilei and Rush

Grandma & Grandpa

So that Keilei didn't feel too left out Sean & Kayla made a blanket swing for her. They had to swing her over and over again.

I had to put this on cause I have one just like it of Keilei

Sean and the kids

Me and the kids

Keilei wanted to hold him
Then she showed him the show she was watching and after that she lost interest in him and he just laid there while she watched her movie it was so funny.
These are flowers that I got. I put them on because this the most flowers I have ever gotten in my life, more then all of them put together.

These are from Sean

From my Little bro Jeff, From Sean's fire department