Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween (lots of photos)

First off Halloween is my favorite holiday so there are a lot of pictures, especially since I was so excited that Keilei was actually old enough to enjoy it.
Sean had a bike race in Ogden so he was gone most of the day, he got back around 5, so Keilei and I enjoyed the festivities together. We got up in the morning, got ready and then went to my friends bridal shower for a bit. Then we went to the mall to trick-or-treat. That didn't last long, the lines where crazy and Keilei was not about to wait in them. But we did go and say hi to my brother Jeff that works there. Then we picked up Grandma and went to Macey's (grocery store) and trick-or-treated there and got lunch and went next door and got a free kid size pizza, for Keilei, from Papa Murphy's. Then back to Grandma's to eat.

This is the only decent pic I got of her with her hat on. She would not wear it even for a micro second.

Holding her pumpkin bag all ready to leave for the day. She loved holding the bag.

Holding both our candy bags. Putting her hat on Kayla

I thought this was a cute picture of her running away from us

Trying to get a good pic of her

Keilei & Mommy

Keilei, Mommy, & her prego belly

This is at the mall. Keilei checking out her stash.
After Macey's and lunch we went to the Wittiker Center(sp?) and played some games. Keilei won a cake in the cake walk right away so I don't have pics of the fun cause it is kind of hard to carry a cake, chase a 2yr old, be 9 months prego and take pictures at the same time. They had an awesome playground outside and Keilei loved that as well. I was glad the weather was nice enough that she could enjoy it.
After that it was home to take a nap. But on the way inside I tried to take a picture of Keilei in the leaves. She would not smile for anything...

This was her face in every pic, giving her cat loves,
Until I had the brilliant idea to throw leaves at her...

This was her face after:) And after that she didn't want to stop we played for a long time in the leaves.

Sean got home just as we where waking up from our late nap and we went back to Grandma's to eat and go trick-or-treating the old fashion way.

This is the cake Keilei won, since it was hers...she won it and picked it out, I thought I would let her play in it. She had a good time

Keilei getting into Grandma's candy

We changed her into the clown costume to go out in. My Mom made this costume for my oldest brother Bry. It is 43 years old. And has been worn by many in my family, kinda a tradition. But I'm not a huge clown fan that is why she was a witch durning the day. But I was pleasantly surprised at how cute she was in it.

Keilei & Mommy, I was a Bedtime bear -Carebear

I love her little bag it was the perfect size for her.

Daddy opening some candy for her

She loved all the lights and pumpkins. She would pick a piece of candy and then as they would take the bowl away she would try and give it back it was kinda funny. She always picked suckers if they where there and ate 2 that night. She doesn't like chocolate, just like her dad. She will ask for candy and open it but once she sees or tastes it's chocolate she gives it back.
It was a really good day. I was so glad I felt good that day and up for doing all of that. especially since I didn't have Sean to help me with Keilei. I had also had contraction all night 2 nights before Halloween and as much as I want this baby to come I was afraid I was going to miss Halloween with Keilei so I was glad when they didn't progress and eventually went away.
Although I would welcome them whole heatedly now:)


The Coons Family said...

Those are awesome pics! and GREAT Costumes!!