Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Snow Fall

On Tuesday the 27th it snowed in the valley for the first time. So I took Keilei outside to see the snow. She loved playing in it and eating it. I hadn't planned on staying outside very long but she didn't want to come in so I had to grab her coat and put that on her. I didn't put gloves on her cause she was grabbing the snow and eating it and I figured that would be harder with gloves on, although I should have. We still had a hard time dragging her inside she could have stayed out there forever. Her crying from being brought inside slowly turned into crying because her hands hurt as they started to thaw. Poor thing, we will know better next time.
The next day when I put a jacket on her, it had already warmed up, she took it off and pointed to her coat and said "Snow" over and over. I had to take her outside to show her the snow was all gone.

Her first steps in the snow

She liked to see how much she could get on the top of her boots

These are the many pictures of her putting snow in her mouth. She never got tired of eating it, off of every surface.