Monday, November 16, 2009

Birth of Baby Rush

So I need to play catch up here is Rush's birth story(long)...
Monday November 9th I was up most the night with contractions that started at 1:30 in the morning. They weren't that strong or steady and this had happened before so I was trying not to get my hopes up. At around 6 they started happening regularly and Sean decided to take a shower in case we needed to go to the hospital. In the middle of his shower the contractions which where 1 1/2 to 2 min apart became really intense all of a sudden, I told Sean to get out of the shower we have to go. I called my family to have someone come over to stay with Keilei, who was still asleep. I strongly debated waking her up because I wanted to see her before I went to the hospital cause I figured she wouldn't be allowed there, but my contractions got so bad and I was itching to go & I decided not to. We waited and waited for my family they were taking forever. I was ready to kill someone. Finally we called them, my sister had backed the car into the ditch and it was stuck. They finally got another car out of the driveway and made it to my house. Sean & I took off.
We went to check in and the lady that did all the paper work was my ex boyfriends mom we said a quick hi and she rushed me back while congratulating me and kept Sean to finish the paper work. I was shown to my room and my nurse was the wife of one of our bishopric counselors. She asked if I was ok with her being my nurse and I had no problem with it, I was actually glad, she is really nice and took great care of me. She even stayed past her shift till I had the baby.
I was dilated to about a 4 and they started my IV, to start the penicillin since I have strep B, took some blood and gave me painkillers to ease me till I could get an epidural. I got the epidural and it didn't really work so they kept pumping more in me. The nurse was determined to make sure I wasn't in pain! Which I was very grateful for. They had to give me I think at least 4 more shots of stuff in the epidural till I was out of pain. I also had to keep rotating from side to side to make sure it worked right. Every time I was on my right side I would get so nauseous. I felt really gross anyway because of all the drugs in me. I just wanted the baby out of me so the whole thing could be over.
I slept most of the time getting checked every once in a while. When I went in i was a 4, next I was a 7, then a 9. It was great being able to sleep. My epidural never worked well with Keilei so I thought it was amazing that I couldn't feel the contractions. About the time I was getting ready to push I started to feel the contractions again but not to the point of it being really painful but I liked it cause then I knew when to push. No one ever told me that you only push with contractions and the rest of the time you sit there spread eagle I wasn't a big fan of that. Once again I just wanted to get it over with.
I started pushing and with every push it felt like my head was going to explode and like I was going to barf all over. It made it difficult to push. The nurse and the doctor felt so bad for me and the Doc suggested using a vacuum to help the baby out. I was in so much pain, my head that is, that I hurriedly agreed(because I trusted his judgement and he said it would be fine). So soon after the baby, who we hadn't picked a name for yet, came out. He was so beautiful and big. He was 9 lbs even. I noticed right away that he looked pretty much identical to Keilei when she was born. I did have to have an episiotomy and I thought it was so different that they waited for the placenta to come out. Last time they just took it out with the baby in the C-section. I got to hold him and Sean got to hold him. Then my Mom came in and held him. I was then moved to my recovery room.
After a few hours I had to go to the bathroom. I was in intense pain and bawled the whole time. I explained my pain to the nurse and she said the epidural had worn off and now I was feeling the episiotomy. I was bawling I wanted to die. They gave me 2 percocets but since I take those regularly for my head they did nothing for my pain. But the nurse made me wait 45 mins to make sure that they weren't going to kick in. So I waited knowing they wouldn't. Then after 45 min I told them again. And she said she had to get an ok from a doctor for other drugs. I was furious she should have been doing that already. So I continued to BAWL my eyes out for over an hour. In which time we had asked over the intercom for someone to come help Sean give me a blessing, since no visitors are aloud we couldn't call someone we knew to help. They came and gave me a blessing and the nurse finally gave me some other painkillers. You probably think I am a pansy but that was the longest and very painful 3 hours or so of my life. I don't think I have ever cried that hard in my life. (when I had my head accident it hurt really bad but after awhile I went unconscious so I don't remember most of it) My eyes were SO swollen that they took 2 days for the puffiness to go down all the way.
After that things went well and I was amazed that I could get up and walk around and get sit up in bed and move without the pain of a C-section. We finally decided on a name the 2nd night that we where in the hospital. Sean won and we named him Rush Ellsworth. Rush after the 80's band (that I don't care for) and Ellsworth after my dad, it is his middle name. On the 3rd day in the morning as soon as they did Rush's circumcision we went home.
Life was grand! I missed Keilei so much I was so glad to be able to see her. Rush was having no trouble eating, like Keilei did, and he only cries when he is hungry. Then 3 days after being home I get a lot of pain again and can hardly move and it kills to sit. I go into the urgent care to find out that my episiotomy is infected! Go freaking figure!!! I am so ready for the this whole process to be over. And to make matters worse they weigh me at the urgent care I have only lost 5 lbs!!!!!!!! how is that possible Rush was 9lbs! Sean said it most be water weight, I hope he is right, cause my ankles and feet are even more swollen then when I was prego. I guess we will see.
Rush continues to be a little angel and Keilei is doing well. She is soft with him and gives him kisses. But gets really upset if he uses her blankets. They are so cute!


Jake, Holly, McKenzie, Brady and the dog Molly said...

How exciting congrats! I had no idea you had a c section with your first and then vaginal with Rush. thats way cool you got to experience it, but Im so sorry it was so painful!! If you do plan to have more, your next vaginal delivery prob wont need a episiotomy and the recovery is SOOO much better without it! Hope you heal up good and life at home is happy. We love having our little guy here too :)