Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sean Is So Smart

We got a letter in the mail today from Logan Fire. They were the results for his written test he just took. He got a 96 on the test!!! Then they score your other qualifications and certifications and give you points for those. Sean doesn't have his degree so that lost him a bunch of points. But even still he ranked 2 out of 33!!!
How cool is that!?! I am so proud of him! Now the next step is the interview. Unfortunately we don't know when they will be doing those. So I guess you'll hear when we do:)
Sean w/ a firefighter mustache


The Coons Family said...

That's so cool, good for him! How nice will it be to have him around the corner at Logan Fire? And of course (from the last post), you know you're an awesome friend to me and even though I'm in another state, I'll still do anything for you!