Monday, October 12, 2009

Hogle Zoo

Saturday after Sean's race we went back to Mike & Dani's so Sean could shower then we headed to the Zoo. We had fun looking at all of the animals. It was great cause Keilei is actually old enough to know what they are and would say the sounds of all of them. She was also tired, not getting a nap, so she was pretty content to just stay in her stroller which was great. There were a couple animals that we got to see pretty close up which was cool.
She would make an Awrr sound that was so adorable, she did it over and over again

Grandma Lowe, Keilei, & Sean

The giraffes there was a cute baby one

This was cool to see, how they bend down like that

Keilei held the map like this and looked at it for ever it was so funny
Sean, Keilei, & I

Keilei called the Zebra's Marty(from Madagascar), The cougars were up pacing back and forth it was cool they where actually moving around

What Keilei looked like when she wasn't entertained by an animal, Poor thing was so tired. The rhinos you got to see up close
Keilei, Sean, & Mom Lowe in front of the black bears

The Black bears. They are so pretty, I feel so bad for them being in such a small space

Sean & Keilei checking out the baby elephant, Zuri, and her mom. The baby is only 2 months old and fun to watch as she played with the ball. Keilei loves elephant!
Zuri pushing the ball

Keilei & Sean, the elephants
Mom & baby both eating. I didn't know elephants breast feed! I guess it makes sense though, I had just never thought of it before. Another interesting fact is that she was artificially inseminated. They worker explained how it was cheaper that way. Poor elephant was probably so confused:)
After that we went over to "This is the place" monument but Keilei fell asleep in the car going over there so we decided to go straight home. She sleep the whole way! She was exhausted. That is only the 4th time she has fallen asleep in the car.(not counting being an infant) We had a really good weekend! It was good to see Mom Lowe, get to know some of the people Sean works with, see my brother & family & their new house, and just spend time together as a family.


The Hoxsies said...

oh my gosh!!! we were at hogle zoo on saturday too!!! dang i wish i would have know you were there!