Sunday, October 18, 2009


So in the last 2 weeks I have gotten 3 migraines!!! Which is more then usual and they always seem to happen when Sean is at work or some other bad timing.
Like today at church I was sitting there ready to get up in 5 min and give my lesson when all of a sudden my vision starts going crazy!
Just for those who don't know the drill...
1st - I gets blurred vision out of the blue when my head feels fine,(at this point I know I have no more then 30 mins till I am in a lot of pain)It lasts for 15-30mins then fades away
2nd - then the pain creeps in sometimes suddenly sometimes gradually until I am bawling and in bed.
3rd - Then anywhere from 30 min to an hour after the vision starts my hand and face go numb for about 15 mins, which always scares the crap out of me.

So I get up to give my lesson and I can't read the manual, the scriptures and writing on the board was interesting. Closer to the end of my lesson my vision cleared but then the pain started to come.So I'm thrown a little off my game and I don't think the lesson went all that well but I did my best. Luckily I have had 3 years of practice hiding that I am in pain. I hate anyone knowing I hurt unless it is my husband or my side of immediate family. So by the time I got in my car and drove away the tears where coming.
Sean is at work but luckily my Mom and sister Kayla were nice enough to take Keilei for me so I could take some pills and go to bed, or at least try. I am not looking forward to what it will be like with Keilei & a new born when I get a headache and Sean isn't here. But then again that is one of the reasons we moved to Utah so that my family could help me in times like that. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for giving me that blessing! I could not do it on my own.


The Coons Family said...

Wow that's rough. I didn't know your headaches involved all that...I'm so sorry! Glad you guys made the choice to be near your fam though. Good call! Although I woulda been there for ya ANYTIME!