Thursday, October 22, 2009

BAD haircut

I needed to get my hair done and I wanted to get it done before the baby came. So after MUCH thought I decided I wanted to stay long and just get a trim. Then for something different I wanted to add some chunky brown highlights into my already blond hair. It took me forever to decide this.
So this is me before

This is what I wanted color wise, pretty much exactly

Well the girl did a bad job. 1st the color didn't turn out like that at all, although it still looked decent, it wasn't what I wanted. But I didn't want to fry my hair and do it again and it didn't look bad so I just left it.
The cut"trim" was horrible. Granted I said I wanted a little more layers I left with a huge chunk of layers at about ear level on both sides of my head and then long hair hanging out underneath with no layers in between. For some reason she did an ok job on the back but the front was horrible. The layers where so rough too it looked like my hair had been damaged and broke off in big chunks.
It looked similar to the pic on the left with long hair coming out the bottom. The closest pic I could find, cause I forgot to take one, is the one on the right

This is after I got it fixed (by someone else) but it kind of shows how many layers the lady put so far up in my head.

The end result. I had to take off some length:( so it would even out the layers and even still it looks a little weird but way better then before. The second lady I went to that fixed it, who I will be going to from now on I knew her a long time ago but didn't know she was still doing hair, she said she did the best she could with it and told me that I will love the haircut I have now once it grows out an inch or so.

This story is why I hate going to new people to do my hair, why I have had the same person do it since high school. Granted in high school it was more experiments, since she is my age and one of my good friends:) But I love that I can just sit in her chair and say make me look pretty and totally trust what ever she wants to do color or cut. I have never left her chair disappointed in the least bit. Unfortunately for me(and totally understandably) being a mom comes before doing hair.
So now I know one more person not to go to, oh well live and learn. Although I really wish my hair was still long and had chunky highlights in it. Maybe next time.


Nichole Lowe said...

That stinks. I hear ya on the whole hair thing. Once I find one I stick with them unless they get to expensive and I have to find someone else like my last one. Luckily I haven't had a bad one yet.

Missy said...

I'm so sorry! I have had my share of bad haircuts/highlights and I know the feeling. I really like what the 2nd lady did with your hair though. I really think it looks great!

The Coons Family said...

Oh man, I hate when that happens. But I do like what you've got now!