Friday, September 18, 2009

Still Sick

This is how Keilei has looked the last couple days. She has watched a bunch of movies cause she isn't as energetic. The bucket is there on purpose too!
First I have to apologize to Sean. Apparently he didn't cause the throw up, although what he feed her obviously didn't help:) That happened Tues. On Wednesday she was fine she just didn't eat much. But yesterday(Thur) I left her at my Mom's to go to a Doctor appointment. When we went to pick her up they said she had puked twice:(

We where supposed to leave to SLC in 15min to go to the zoo and then have dinner with my brother Scott in their new house. But we decided not to go. Which was a good thing cause not to long after that, though she seemed to be keeping some food down, she had diarrhea. I'll I am going to say it that was the messiest/most disgusting diaper I have ever changed in my whole life. That night around bedtime she threw up again, poor thing:(

Today(Fri) I hope she feels better although it's not looking so good she has already gagged once. We will see I might have to take her to the Doctor today.