Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sick Baby & Not So Brilliant Daddy

I had a girls night last night with some friends and at about 11pm I got a call from Sean. "Keilei threw up, it's all chunky and all over everything! All over the bed, all over her, all over me. You should probably come home. I am getting her ready for a bath right now."
I said a quick goodbye and headed home. I walked in the door and Sean had just got her dressed and handed her to me. She gave me loves then leaned back put her hands on her tummy and said "ouch" then proceeded to gag. Luckily Sean grabbed a bowl and Keilei threw up a bunch in it. We laid her on the couch with her silky and some Gatorade to watch a movie.
I went in to check out her bed. Sean didn't over exaggerate. There was a ton. Sean said "If it is up to me we should just throw it all away"(meaning ALL of her bedding) I told him to wipe up as many chunks as he could and he could throw the rag away. Then just put it all in the washer. He was sweet enough to do that for me, cause I couldn't handle the smell.
He also wiped out the bathtub which was also gross, even though I had to go over it better later, it was great he did it.
We went to check on Keilei and she threw up again, this time straight blue Gatorade. So we didn't let her eat or drink anything more. After an hour or so of watching her show with her and no more throw up we put her to bed and went to bed ourselves.
In the morning when I went to get her up there was yellow all over everything. At first I thought she had the runs, till I smelled it. She must have thrown up again. It must have been straight bile. So I had to wash her bedding again and another bath for Keilei. But luckily other then having a light appetite and drinking a lot she seems totally fine. She even slept in till just after 10 this morning.

So after all that you would think she had the stomach flu,which I guess she could have, but she had no fever. I personally think it was her dads ignorance and desire to please that made her sick.
Let me explain:
Sean took her to the 7:30 show of Ice Age 3 and he told me after I got home that she ate pretty much a whole bag of popcorn by herself ( he justified by saying it was a small bag) and she also had some cotton candy and mike and ikes durning the movie. Now in my head a light bulb is going off and I think, no wonder she is throwing up. Although Sean didn't see it and had no idea why they would be connected. He said "I guess that's what you get for leaving her with me." :) Live and learn right.


Nichole Lowe said...

That is funny about Sean feeding her all that. It is sad about her throwing up. Poor Baby. I hope she is doing better. It is so hard when they are babies.

Missy said...

Poor girl! The funny thing is that I can totally see any of our husbands feeding our children that exact combination without giving it a second thought. I guess eventually they will build up an immunity to it, or our husbands will learn. I'd bet on the first...

The Coons Family said...

Poor Little Thing! I bet that wasn't any fun at all for the 3 of you. How good of Sean to help you though, even though he may have caused it. How Crazy! I'm glad she's better!